Our services

Europatagonica is a well-expertised marine trading company whose job strategies are to offer unbeatable products, outstanding service and technical support according to your needs. Our aim is to deliver the right product at the right time and place.

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In Europatagonica we work with world-wide known brands in engine sector, such as MOBIL and DUPONT, among others. If your neccessity is in deck sector, we have a variety of solutions for you with EURORED and ITSASKORDA brands.

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Where we are

Our centres of distribution are strategically placed leading a high quality service for fishing industry, dried, refrigerated marine transportation, petrol vessels and cruises. If South Atlantic Ocean is your job zone, we can offer you our best service.

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  • Clientes Mobil itsaskorda Eurored Virgo Dupont Danfoss

In Mar del Plata:

Santiago del Estero 3402

Phone/fax: 54 223 4619000

Republic of Argentina

In Puerto Madryn:

A. Argentina sq. Pujol

Phone: 54-280-4453135

Republic of Argentina

In Puerto Deseado:

Capitán Onetto 1284

Phone: 54-280-4453135

Republic of Argentina

In Montevideo:

Polwey s.a.(Uruguay)

Zabala 1327 3rd floor of. 309

Phone: 598-2-9152925

In Ushuaia